Thursday, January 1, 2009

NYE Tractor Tavern a good show.

12.31.08 - Tractor Tavern - New Years Eve

Handful of Lovin' has got to be one of the best live acts around. 
The Staxx Brothers were on fire and were nothing but pure entertainment. Mesa and I opened ad hosted the event. We did a handful of originals for the first set and then we launched 
Handful O' Lovin' off with a few covers including Time by Pink Floyd (a fitting song) and Whole Lotta love by Led Zepelin.

The show was a sell out and was a nice sign of things to come. It was nice to be in a room full of such optimistic and loving music fans! On a side note this was the first time I ever used a wireless guitar set up and I think I am hooked. Expect to see more wireless Guitari in the future.  In other news Sawka is in the studio producing the tracks from the Glasper sessions in NYC from a while back and he says they are sounding sick. I am feeling very good about this new year and already have two great new songs to debut soon. Viva La 2009 Friends.

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Davin said...

Mesa and Ari toe' it up on New Year's Eve at The Tractor!